4/25/12 ENP

Well this morning it blew like 500 times harder than they said it would…it was also 55 degrees in Key largo! I pulled out a spinning rod until the wind died down a little bit. Put a 21″ trout and a 25″ red in the cooler for dinner. Went on to explore new territory…the temp drop had the fish all screwed up. Last spot I checked I hit the jackpot. Seen this big momma from a mile away. She was sleeping in about 12″ of water. First cast woke the beast, second cast she swung and missed…tracked it some more and nailed it! I was using a 7wt and it was a hell of a battle! I would have to say this is my best redfish experience yet. I find myself wanting to use lighter equipment and fishing slower and slower…the results keep getting better. I love fishing in the Everglades! This fish was 35″ and 15lbs.

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