3/24/12 Flamingo Exploring

Well the weather was great today for the first time in a while. I decided to fish all new areas today since the boats were out in full force. I found some awesome new areas and had some shots at trophy snook and reds. All I could manage was 2 small reds on fly and a fat 21″ trout on topwater. When I was reeling in that trout there was a trout that looked to be double the size of the one I caught trying to steal the topwater…had to be 30″.

Recently purchased a GoPro. Saving up clips probably all summer to put together something decent. I messed around trying to get an underwater shot. This could be cool when I catch something good.

Yesterday I went down South to continue the endless pursuit of getting that first Permit on fly. Pretty slow as I only saw 6 and got 1 shot. I did get a few shots at big laid up Tarpon but I was denied. I feel a big tarpon coming very soon.

This kind of looks like a Permit…does that count?

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