3/16/12 Destin Weekend Trip

Well this is the time of year I start getting really impulsive. The thoughts of giant brown ling swimming in emerald waters have me racing back to my old stomping grounds every chance I get. It was 2pm Wed. when I decided to glance at the weather for Destin, out of curiosity. The forecast looked perfect and not so great for South Florida. After two 5 minute phone calls I ran out the door at work and arrived in Destin at 230am….23hrs straight. I helped justify my ridiculous decision with the fact there was an IFA tournament I could do and my wife was out of town…I wasn’t fooling anyone. They all knew I came for the rare shot at an early season cobia. When I made my decision only two cobia had been caught on the entire panhandle. Well me and my buddies fished our asses off for four days and it was well worth it. The IFA tournament was a bust as I could only get a 36″ red but no trout to match, however good buddies Tim and Chandler went 1st and 2nd. It was a blessing in disguise as Lee an I headed out to look for cobias and on the Full Draw’s first trip. We went 2 for 2 in a half day. The skiff fish was about 50lbs caught 3/16. The big fish was 73.1 and the other in the high 30s caught on a jig. I came back grinning ear to ear and super satisfied with my choice. A few weekends looking for permit and tarpon and I will be back up there for an 18 day marathon, fly rods and all! Special thanks to Lee Smith for his hospitality and Capt. Justin Destin getting out of the woods early and going lingin!

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