12/25/2011 A Visit to Texas

What a great trip. I had a blast visiting all my family and friends for the holidays. I also got to visit my Grandpa’s exotic farm in the Texas hill country but conditions were not ideal for pictures. I even got the chance to sneak out to a close friends ranch in South Texas for a couple hunts. I seen a few nice ones to shoot but nothing that was bigger than what I have got in the past so I let them all walk. The highlight of the trip was going out for a walk midday to rattle up some bucks. This can only be done during the rut. The idea is to sit by a tree and rattle some horns together. The bucks in the area will respond and coming running straight to the noise, often within just feet of you. It is really intense. On our second try a really nice 8 point came running in full speed and hit the brakes about ten yards away. I nearly shot him but something made me pass him up. About 10 minutes later I shot my first Javelina (pig rat thing). It was also the first Javelina shot on that ranch, ever.

Grandpa after a bit too much wine. I love this man. He is so much fun.

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