12/17/11 Where have all the bonefish gone?

Well I went out today to perfect tide and weather. I visited two bonafide spots that never fail me in good conditions. 6 hours and not one bone. The past few months I have visited nearly every well known spot from the Lower Keys to Biscayne. It seems the only place to see bones with any consistency is in Biscayne. The longer I live here and learn about where and when bonefish should be the less I see them. When I first moved here two years ago I would see them on every trip with good conditions and I was limited to a kayak. I hardly ever see people posting reports or putting pictures of bones on social media, and if you do it is usually a shrimp caught small one from Biscayne. I guess that is why all the guides and recreational guys have turned there focus to reds and tarpon…that is the only thing you find these days. Hopefully things are just in a slump but from some of the recent articles and research done by BTT it is not looking good. Is anybody catching bones anymore? =(

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