12/10/11 Lack of Fish

Well I haven’t been fishing much lately but I have gone out a few times. I took a few trips to the lower keys and had some amazing shots at permit, a lot of close calls. I also been to the everglades a couple times. I made a trip way out back and wore out the baby tarpon on fly with a few snook and trout mixed in. Today I went exploring. I went through Lake Ingraham and all the way out to the Cape. I did find some reds in a new spot closer to home but didn’t get any good shots. Here are some pics of some big lizards I saw today. Sorry it has resorted to nature photography but that is fly fishing in the winter…

After getting on google earth and retracing today’s path I covered over 130 miles on the boat. It was a nice way to spend the day. Below is the proof of my last stop.

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