8/14/11 Close Calls

Day 1:  I took out friends Sam Root and Jay Riordan from Salty Shores.  We headed out to Biscayne Bay and were greeted with high water and cloud cover.  We had to wait until the tide dropped out but managed to find a good amount of tailing bones.  Sam hooked a nice one that came off at the last second due to a wrap on the trim tab.  Despite the cloudy conditions he still got some great shots!  Check out that sweet new SWC shirt!  Its called the bone floss and it is a different material than the previous micro fibers, which makes it much cooler.

Day 2:  I headed down to Marathon to fish with buddy, Capt. Derek Rust and David McCleaf.  We struggled to decide on a plan but ended up in the lower keys chasing permit.  We saw a good amount of permit.  I had so many shots on fly as did David.  One school of micro permit were all over my fly like blue runners but I didn’t get bit.

Day 3:  I headed back to Key Largo.  About mid day I decided to head out for a solo trip for bones.  I started seeing nice ones immediately and a few shots later it happened again.  I worked this bonefish all the way back to the boat before he ate.  As soon as he took off I knew something was wrong.  The fly line was wrapped around my leg and the trolling motor.  He started blazing away from me and I knew I was done.  The hook straightened and my 6th bonefish I’ve hooked on fly escaped me again.  I am cursed…

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