7/31/11 Biscayne Permit & Mini Season Report

Well today we FINALLY had a small break in the weather…it was only blowing 12mph for about 3 hours.  My buddy Lee and his wife have been in town all week to visit, fish and try to get some lobster.  Both days of mini season were super windy.  We went hard on day one to get 4 keepers.  Clearly, lobster season is all about preparation.  I had never done it before and I learned a ton!  On day two we went and found everyone elses “spots” from day 1 that only had little guys left and got 1 more keeper.  We still had a heck of a feast.  Yesterday I decided to show Lee what Flamingo (Everglades National Park) was all about.  It blew 20+ the whole time and all we could manage was a bunch of rat reds (lower slot) and one snooklet.  Not what I had hoped as the land of tailing reds, cruising snook and rolling tarpon was turned into a mud bowl of whitecaps.  Today I had a half day to get Lee his first permit or bonefish.  We headed to Biscayne Bay and it was good!  We saw lots of variety to include permit, tarpon, bonefish, snook, trout, barracuda, sharks, and jacks.  He caught his first permit.  He also got a 22″ trout and pulled the hooks on a 30″ snook at the boat.  I also got a good shot at a triple of permit on fly.  I thought it was only a double and my fly landed slightly behind the lead fish.  I was stripping in the fly but keeping my eyes on the pair.  When I looked down, about to lift my fly out of the water there was a permit that had followed it all the way back to the boat but I was already in the recasting motion and it was too late.  All in all it was a great week with good friends.  The fishing could have been better but thats fishing.  Looking forward to getting back on the bow and seeing what new areas I can find with my Minn Kota ipilot!


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