7/18/2011 Marquesas, Offshore, Duck Key and Flamingo

Well it was a great weekend.  I didn’t catch much but I had a lot of fun.

Day 1: I went to the Marquesas on my Maverick with Derek.  Water looked crappy all day but we made the best of it.  We seen about 30 bonefish, 12 tarpon, 10 permit and a SAWFISH!  I almost hooked a bone and Derek had a permit hot on the fly.  Not what we had hoped the Marquesas would be but we had fun.  Been there and done that now.

Day 2: I met Derek in Duck key.  We took out the 24′ Yellowfin bay boat.  Man that thing is bad to the bone.  We caught a few peanut dolphin each on the fly in about 600ft of water.  Then we went inshore and I got shots a ocean tarpon for about an hour.  About 15 good shots resulted in about two looks and no bites.  Finished of the day with wings and beer.

Day 3: I went to Flamingo for a solo afternoon scouting mission.  First stop at a new location and I picked up a 22″ red on spin.  Next stop I found some more lower slot fish and had one hook pull and one break off on fly.  After that the wind started cranking out of the West.  I went to some more locations but didn’t find much other than a few singles.  About the time I get ready to head home a monster storm is forming quick and headed the same direction as my house.  I had no choice but to go through it because I needed light to find the little passes in between the bays.  Its about a 30 mile run from Flamingo to Key Largo.  I got slammed by the storm.  Huge waves, stinging rain, freezing cold wind and lightning.  I actually put on my kill switch and debated putting on the lifejacket at times.  I wish I had the video going when I went through the storms.  I made it back to Key Largo just in time for some crazy lightning and sunset pictures.  I learned a valuable lesson…anytime you go in the afternoon you are gambling with the weather regardless of what it looks like when you go out.  The Everglades can cook up a storm in a heartbeat.


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