7/04/11 Weekend Report

Day 1: Biscayne Bay. Lots of tailing bones. Got a few good shots. Later in the day found a school of about 10-15 slob bonefish. They were moving fast but I got it in the zone twice undetected but they were not interested. Also blew a shot at a triple of 20 pound permit. They don’t like when you hit them in the tail. Another great day of sight fishing with the fly rod with nothing to show for it.

Day 2: Flamingo. I had a guest Kyle onboard and the goal was for his first redfish on fly. Well we had tons of shots all day. He hooked two and caught one….success! I had two awesome eats but the hook pulled on one and the other never got the hook in him.

Day 3: Flamingo. Tried some new tactics with the tides. Lots of fish but it was really tough to get close for some reason. We broke out the spinning rods and wore them out. Kyle caught over 15 reds including a 30″ sight casted with a skitter walk…it was an amazing eat. I caught a couple reds and a nice 10lb snook.I also blew a shot at a raging 100lb tarpon in shallow water…Im sure he would have ate had I got the fly in front of him. Kept two reds for dinner and I’m getting ready to fry them up and watch some fireworks.

Sorry for the lack of action shots…it was too hot and heavy for the camera or video. I do wish I had a zoom lens for all these tailers!

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