Just a brief rundown of the last 4 days.

Day 1 Went to Biscayne solo on the boat. I had a lot of shots at tailers and cruisers..no bites one follow.

Day 2 Went local on the kayak. A quick trip and I had a few good shots at some medium tarpon. Accidentally snagged one in the tail lol…I have an awesome video but it is a bit too revealing to share unfortunately.

Day 3 Went to Biscayne with buddy Derek. I hooked a big tailing bonefish and broke him off on the strip set. I got a little amped up and hit him too hard. We also got in some good wade fishing action and actually got within a very short casting range at two different spots to tailers. Derek also got some killer shots at permit and he almost got two different fish to commit but no bites.

Day 4 Went back to Biscayne with Derek despite plans to go to Flamingo. Shots were kind of hard to come by. Derek nailed this little guy and I had two more eats but the fly didnt stick in either one….Im really starting to question my luck at this point.

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