9/29/12 Bonefish on Fire!

I didn’t even roll out of bed until 9am.  I was sore from fishing hard the day before.  I decided to go out for a quick kayak trip.  The bonefishing was on fire.  I quickly caught two small ones right off the bat.  I continued to see a few.  Then I saw a tailing permit…I got about 4 shots at him and never spooked him.  He was completely uninterested in my bonefish fly.  I sat down real quick to retie a permit fly on.  As soon as I looked up to look for the permit again here comes a school of huge bonefish….the lead fish were all 10+ no doubt in my mind.  They spooked a little but didn’t really know where to go.  I ended up getting the fly in the zone and one of the smallest out of the school ate they fly…he wasn’t small at all though…still a very solid fish but small in comparison to some of the others he was little.  I fished a little more but mainly just relaxed and enjoyed the moment.  I was satisfied so I eased back home.  My first two trips back on the kayak has resulted in 20 redfish and 3 bonefish…all on fly!

The future looks bright for these guys!


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