8/24/12 Lost Permit and Huge Barracuda

I made a last minute solo trip to Biscayne yesterday.  I recently sold all my reels except for my 8wt.  I knew going out with only an 8 would be interesting.  I started out the morning by blowing a few bonefish shots.  Things were slow so I decided to explore new territory.  Well I finally found that place I have been missing.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to find it?  I actually fished it before but must have hit it at the wrong time.  Needless to say I found the Permit!  The first ones I saw was a triple, I spotted them a long way off and they were Big!  I cast at them twice with no reaction….on the third cast I aimed for the fish in the back,  he instantly attacked my fly and I was on! About 5 seconds later I was off.  I reeled in a leader that had a curly cue at the end of my 30lb.  That tells me my blood knot that I carefully prepared the night before slipped.  Thats the last time I go from 30lb-15lb on  a permit rod.  I was pretty bummed after that but the permit were still around and I got a good amount of shots to cheer me up.  I continued to see permit in ones and twos and then I spot what I think is a big permit down deep.  I put a shot on him,  I gave it a long strip to see if he saw it….then I was on!  I knew it wasn’t a permit and I thought small tarpon for a second.  As it ran off the flat I saw that black tail and I knew I had hooked a big cuda, on a permit fly and 15lb bite tippet…lol.  I figured it wouldn’t last long but I was wrong.  30 minutes later this beast came aboard.  I snapped a quick pic and and got a surprisingly great release on him.  I can neither confirm or deny that there may have been video of this event!

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