8/18/12 Lost Bonefish

Well, about 60 seconds after I snapped this sunrise pic I hooked a big tailing bonefish. The fish smoked through most of my backing and I thought I was going to get spooled. The current had me pinned on the flat and the bone was headed full speed for the channel. Moments later she broke me off….another trophy bone escapes…arggghh. I looked for permit for the next few hours, I only saw one and didn’t even get a shot. Later on I switched back to bonefish mode and I was covered up for two hours….mudders and tailers everywhere! With the high sun they were getting the best of me…even my perfect shots would ignored…so many follows but no bites. Then the mega storm formed and swallowed me up….I tried to dodge it by heading south but the storm just grew until I had to go through it. Oh well…maybe next weekend!

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