7/26/12 Keys Evacuation

This summer has been amazing.  Derek and I took a road trip to the mainland to avoid the chaos in the Keys.  We targeted snook from the beach the first day.  We each got 1 small snook and Derek hooked two nice ones.  Later that night we met up with a buddy who set us up to battle some Goliath Groupers from land.  We got 3 bites but only managed to get this one hooked up.  It went 4’8″ and my buddy said it was the smallest he has gotten…meanwhile it was the biggest fish weight wise I have ever put my hands on.  What a blast!  The following day we stopped at some canals to target some grass carp. Derek caught a nice one about 15-20lbs and I had two hard looks but no bites.  I’m getting organized and recharged to get back out after that elusive unicorn otherwise known as permit on fly.  Thanks again to the buddy who put us on those groupers!

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