Extreme Coast
Padre Island Shark and Big Game Fishing - Join experienced and renowned shark angler Eric Ozolins for an adventure in search of toothy apex predators along the Padre Island National Seashore - with National Park Service authorized charters. The Texas coast at times offers some of the very best surf fishing in North America. Certain seasonal conditions will present great opportunities at various gamefish including a vast array of shark species. Take part in helping conduct shark research by tagging and releasing your caught specimens and be updated with future recaptures of those sharks.

Padre Island National Seashore - The Padre Island National Seashore is the largest undeveloped barrier island in the world. Over 70 miles of this pristine coastline is protected and to this day remains virtually the same as it has for several thousand years. The park contains some of the most remote coast- line in the entire United States. The diversity of life both marine and terrestrial makes this a truly remarkable and untainted gem. There is a long vast and rich history with Padre Island going back to the Karankawa Indians to the early Spanish Settlers, and even World War II military training. Today, visitors come to experience what can be considered the last remaining 'wild west frontier'. The only entrance to the National Park is through Corpus Christi as it allows you direct access to North Padre Island.

From the 1950's to the 1970's, the Texas coast not only was referred to as the 'Tarpon Capital of the World', but was also a popular shark fishing mecca. Over the span of a couple decades, shark populations were decimated. Today, species are recovering due to strict laws and a wide presence of open conservation. Now, sport anglers targeting sharks usually release and even tag their catches for aid in scientific study. Our Gulf waters have a wide variety of shark and gamefish species, many available throughout the entire year. On average, most sharks caught are in the range of 4-6 feet. However, hooking up on a monster Hammerhead or Tiger Shark in excess of 10 feet is not out of the question. Other quality gamefish that can be taken from the surf are Tarpon, Red Drum, Black Drum, and even Cobia.

For over a decade, Eric Ozolins has been calling the surf of Padre Island home. There, he has tagged hundreds of sharks over the past 12 years for organizations such NOAA and the NMFS's Apex Predators Program along with helping conduct shark research for the HARTE Research Institute. Eric has had achieved many accolades in the field of sport- fishing... everything from various Surf/Kayak/and Offshore tournament victories to State and I.G.F.A. All Tackle World Records. Eric is an active writer for the Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine as well as having been featured in other major publications like Sport Fishing, Gaff Magazine, and Mens Journal. 'Oz' also helped provide valuable video footage for the National Geographic 'Sharks in the City' program. In addition to Surf and Offshore Fishing, Eric's other passion is Kayak Fishing and he is the founder of Kayak Wars - the world's largest kayak fishing tournament.

Padre Island Surf Fishing Charter Rates, Bookings, and General Information - Need to know information...

- Padre Island is a very remote area. A trip back to civilization could be several hours long. There usually is NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION on the beach. Please be advised if you require any daily medication, you MUST bring it along with any personal necessities.

- ALL individuals on a booked trip to fish MUST BY LAW have a Texas State Fishing License WITH a Saltwater Stamp. If you do not have a current license, I can NOT bring you down beach until you get one. You may obtain one at stores such as Academy and Wal Mart and even some gas stations such as Stripes offer them. You MUST have your license BEFORE you get picked up at the time of the charter.

- ALL individuals MUST bring their own Food and Drinks. An ice chest will be supplied if need be. For overnight trips, you MUST bring your own food and if necessary MUST BE COOKED by someone OTHER than the guide. DUE to food handling laws within the Park, the guide CANNOT cook your meals however you can be provided a grill to cook on.

- Law enforcement is heavily enforced within the Park. Weapons (including guns), Illegal Drugs, Metal Detectors, or anything similar in nature forbidden on federal property must be left at home.

- Due to the nature of the business, there is no guarantee of sharks or gamefish. While you are under the charter of one of the most sucessful and knowledgeable shark fishing personalities in the western Gulf, nature will do what it wants, when it wants. There will be a valiant effort fishing for the targeted species and while in all likelihood you'll catch at least one shark for the trip, once again there is NO GUARANTEE.

- ALL BAIT AND RODS/REELS/TACKLE WILL BE PROVIDED. You may chose to bring your own tackle if you wish (Fly gear etc).

- It is highly recommended you bring sun protection (Sun Block, Long Sleeve Shirt, Hat, Sunglasses etc). The South Texas sun is brutal and is amplified on the sand.

- It is recommended that individuals bring a tent and all other overnight necessities for overnight trips. A 'Tent-Cot' can be arranged if requested (reserve in advance with booking).

- You may retain any allowable fish within regulations for harvest. The GROUP may retain one (1) smaller shark (i.e. immature Blacktip, Sharpnose) for harvest. Otherwise, ALL other sharks will be Tagged and Released. In the event a larger shark does not survive a release, you may retain it if it complies with state game laws. DO NOT Expect or ask to have the jaws cut out for you. You can retain the head and take it home and have it done.

- Deposits are non-refundable UNLESS a trip is cancelled by the guide due to uncooperating weather/conditions or an unexpected event on the guide's end (sickness etc).


Full Day Shark Fishing (2 people) - $650 ($100 each additional person)

Two Day/Overnight Charter (2 people) - $975 ($100 each additional person)

Island Tour/Sight Seeing/Beach Combing or Birding & Educational Trip (up to 4 people) - $450

Deposit of 50% (half total) is required for bookings of one week or more in advance.

Please email oz@oceanepics.com or call (361) 877-3583 about booking and availability. Trips get reserved at times weeks or months in advanced so be sure to contact us for availability.

- Shark Fishing Charters are enduring and hard work - Tips are greatly appreciated.